We are passionate entrepreneurs and company developers

Our mission is to help turn great visions into great companies…

Our product is experience

We work with exceptional founders to deliver success – from start-up to first liquidity event

If you are a driven Founder with a great vision, a B2B business model and an MVP, we should speak

And if you are an Investor looking for highly curated opportunities in early-stage technology companies, please get in touch


We’re different

The proliferation of accelerators and incubators provides valuable short-term support to founders, but not the long-term mentoring and support typically required to deliver success 

Venture Capital funds typically take a portfolio approach to investment, relying on a few ‘winners’ to achieve their returns

Aspremont believes early-stage companies require consistent support and a comprehensive range of long term business development resources to scale and deliver success

Aspremont’s operating model goes far beyond the provision of capital, providing a business development template and the necessary resources to help founders turn their great visions into great companies:

  • As serial entrepreneurs who have started, built and exited two successful Fintech businesses, we work with exceptional founders from start-up to first liquidity event

  • We believe the key to delivering success is focused execution and provide a deep bench of practical expertise to the companies we work with

  • Our business development template changes the odds of success, and we work with founders every day, focusing on clear, achievable goals - managing business execution from right to left

  • We are sector agnostic, but favour B2B companies with market-changing technologies and a recurring revenue model

  • We don’t chase Unicorns, we focus on companies capable of delivering a £50m valuation over 5 years, typically using less than £5m capital, targeting an early public listing to access a broader investor base to support long term growth

We call our companies SMARTCOs, because they compete on value not price, focused on improving their customers’ productivity and generating fast growing, sticky recurring revenues.



Exciting investment opportunities are emerging across the UK from some of the most innovative minds in fields such as Fintech, MedTech, Engineering and Technology

But choosing winners can be challenging, because early-stage companies require a different form of analysis

Pre-series A companies require a comprehensive range of business development resources to scale and deliver success

Aspremont’s business development template identifies companies with high odds of success

We call these companies SMARTCOs - companies which compete on value not price, with a Something-as-a-Service (SOaaS) model, focused on improving their customers’ productivity and generating fast growing, sticky recurring revenues

We seek to build long term relationships with investors, delivering curated investment opportunities in great B2B technology companies, which follow the Aspremont business development template

To keep you abreast at every stage, the companies you invest in will report regularly through SMARTCO Research, where you will find detailed updates

We also recognise the importance of liquidity to investors, so the Aspremont template includes the goal of seeking an early listing for each company

If you are interested in investing in SMARTCOs at various stages of development from pre-Series A through to listed companies, please get in touch…


Our Team


Charles Breese


Charles is an investor with more than 35 years of experience in start-ups, early stage and smaller quoted companies, with a focus on companies that harness technology to derive competitive advantage and improve the productivity of their customers (SMARTCOs). A founding shareholder in Octopus Investments, Charles is Managing Director of Larpent Newton, an FCA-regulated firm whose key focus is on aggregating business-led developers of pre-Series A SMARTCOs


Timothy Lyons

Co-Founding Partner

With over 45 years’ experience in business, as a former banker and serial entrepreneur, Timothy has a record as a visionary and an innovator. Asked to define his core competence, he will answer simply, “making things happen!” He is passionate about working with start-ups and fascinated by every aspect of technology, especially if it promises a greener future


Benjamin Reid

Co-Founding Partner

Ben has a background as a banker and serial entrepreneur and has worked with Timothy Lyons since 1997 as a partner in Quadrant Capital before they exited the business in 2002, and more recently as CEO of RiskFirst until they exited the business in 2016. Ben is an exceptional business strategist with a track record in creating and executing successful go-to-market strategies for early-stage, disruptive businesses. In 2017, Ben co-founded Aspremont with Timothy

Oliver Lyons


Oliver started his career at Deutsche Bank in Singapore, before working with Ben and Timothy for 5 years at RiskFirst in London. With an MBA from EDHEC Business School in France, Oliver co-founded a media startup and a property business. Oliver now manages capital raising and investor relations for all Aspremont companies


Keith Stewart

Operating Partner

Keith has many years senior leadership experience in service industries and a keen interest in helping people improve their organisations. His particular strengths are in operations management, finance, sales & marketing, and people development. Having spent most of his career in corporate life he carried out an MBI of a long-established family company in 2003 which he grew and successfully exited in 2015.


Robert Clark

Commercial Advisory Group - ESG

Robert spent 30 years at HSBC in various leading roles in Markets and Client Solutions, leading the development of HSBC Markets ESG portfolio construction strategies for large asset owners as a member of HSBC’s sustainability expert panel. Robert now advises Aspremont on the implementation of ESG-positive strategies for its portfolio companies, as well as facilitating access to his extensive network of major commercial contacts.


Jonny Andrews

Commercial Advisory Group - Technology

Jonny is a commercially minded technical consultant with more than 15 years experience working in a range of digital industries and products. His professional background in both large corporations and startups covers a wide spectrum of specialisms in software engineering, digital innovation, team leadership, client management and project realisation. Previous clients have included MIT startups, Global advertising agencies, pharmaceutical companies, broadcast media and gaming.


Nigel Bannerman

Commercial Advisory Group – Finance

Nigel has over 25 years of experience working in finance with growth companies. He worked for 6 years in the Deutsche Bank M&A group where he focused on TMT companies and was a senior corporate financier at PwC where he focused on the media sector. He heads the consumer Private Equity division of Silk Invest, a boutique fund manager, where he has focused on growth capital investments in frontier markets.


Our Companies

Since launching in October 2017, we have worked with companies in Enterprise Collaboration Software - IoT - Environmental Technology - MedTech, and increasingly we are working with ESG-positive companies

With a deeply focused approach, we have engaged with three companies and have three more in the pipeline for 2019, with the target of building a portfolio of twenty companies by 2022

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